Take a look inside Leica’s factory in Wetzlar, Germany


Leica is one of the oldest names in photography, and has long been one of the most prestigious. Since the 1920s, Leica’s high-quality miniature cameras have set a standard for mechanical precision arguably unmatched by any other manufacturer, and for decades, many of the world’s best photojournalists used Leica rangefinders to document the defining events of the 20th Century.

Almost 100 years after the introduction of the original Leica (a name formed by combining Leitz, the name of the parent company, with ‘Camera’) Leica Camera AG is still going strong, and still based in its original hometown of Wetzlar, Germany.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Wetzlar to see for myself how Leica’s lenses are put together. Flip through the images above for a tour of the facility.


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