RED gives us a glimpse at its Lithium 3D camera for the Hydrogen One smartphone


Paying the asking price of $1295 for RED’s Hydrogen One is difficult to justify for most consumer-level smartphone users. However, on its Facebook page the company has now given us a glimpse at why it could be a very sensible investment for commercial filmmakers and other imaging professionals.

On the social network RED has posted a picture of its upcoming Lithium 3D-camera for which the Hydrogen One is acting as a display and controller. The image caption simply says “Big things in the works for next for next year: Lithium”

It was previously revealed that the new camera will be built by Lucid, the makers of the LucidCam 360-degree VR camera, and that it will let users view 3D content in real time without the need for glasses or a headset. This should simplify things when using the camera on a movie set or similar occasions.

Speaking to Engadget, RED collaborator Phil Holland said “Lithium is designed to create very high quality H4V images. It’s a lightweight stereo rig featuring two digital cinema sensors. [It] features zoom lenses and is one of the most compact and flexible ways to shoot high quality stereoscopic motion pictures ever.”

By the looks of things shooting 3D with the Lithium will be less complex than with alternative systems, requiring less equipment and offering easier control through the phone plus the ability to see the 3D footage directly on the display in real time. This could make the combination of RED Hydrogen One and Lithium camera the weapon of choice for anyone requiring professional-level 3D recording. More information about the new camera should become available later this year.


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